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Best Apps and tools for Content Creators
May 28, 2022

Best Apps and tools for Content Creators

Good content creation is one of the most time-taking and hefty jobs today, with competition and complex tech that just wouldn’t do what you want it to do. Now that power and economy are slowly being decentralized, anyone can reap the benefits of content creation. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, creating content for social media, vlogs, blogs, or podcasts you must be looking for ways to simplify the process of content creation, and we are here to help. This article is a collection of some of the best apps for content creators that will help streamline your process so that you can post better content, with more consistency.


Down2You is a free tool that allows users to download videos from almost all websites, within seconds. You can download high-resolution videos with this tool in a few clicks from any social media platform. It supports some of the most popular resources such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. The website is set to launch the app soon. 

This tool is not just free with wide access to websites and social media, it is also very easy to use. Simply copy and paste the video URL, press the download button and wait a few moments. The video will take a few seconds to download. 


Lumen5 is the ultimate video editing app that uses advanced AI to edit videos. It is an automated platform that helps design videos as suited to your need by suggesting the most suitable visuals and audios. It is very easy to use too: Simply enter the link, then you can either choose their templates or create your script from scratch, and the autobots will suggest the best graphics and audios for your story.

With Lumen5, you can create aesthetically pleasing videos in minutes, for free. You can create content for your businesses too, as it can help you in content marketing and brand awareness.


Canva is an all-in-one design and publishing tool that can help you create everything from videos for stories, graphics, PDFs, collages, and even simple customizable posters or memes. You can enjoy their free version or sign up for a premium version with additional features. 

In case you are not familiar with design skills, Canva offers a free design school that helps you with easy-to-understand tutorials that are a guide to making the best of this tool. You can use it online or download the app to reap its benefits. 


Pexels is a photo library with royalty-free images and videos. You can use the content from here for your social media or blog posts. You can access millions of photos and videos uploaded by artists, designers, and creators from around the world. 

Pexels is not the only photo library with access to royalty-free images, but in our opinion, it is the best. The content is high quality and you don’t have to sign up on the website or pay to access the content. Also, pexels wins for having the most aesthetically pleasing collection.

If you are someone focused on infographics, or they are an important part of your content then is the tool for you. It allows you to turn data into attractive infographics, leading you to desired results. also helps you by grabbing the audience’s attention with creative marketable content. It can further help increase your sales by enabling you to understand the consumer mindset. 

You can choose an infographic from templates and customize it however you like, with the help of images, icons, or charts. It allows you to download your infographic in the desired format. 


As a content creator, you don’t just need to make content but manage and schedule it too. Hootsuite is one such tool that allows you to manage, schedule, and plan your feed. It allows one user to connect to several social media platforms. 

It has a free plan which enables you to plan and schedule 30 posts for 10 days and connect to three platforms. In case you have a bigger team and want to bring in more social media platforms, you should go for the paid option. 

It saves time and effort by automatically scheduling your content. With the help of this tool, you can also review posts in a calendar and make desired changes. 

Make a Meme

Memes are essential for any feed whether you specifically have an entertainment-based page or not. In case you are looking forward to designing memes for humorous effect or simply want to help make your audience relate to certain situations, then this app is just for you.

Make a Meme allows you to upload an image, edit top and bottom text and make your desired meme. It is free and easy to use, perfect for beginners. 

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express 

If you want professional-looking content with a modern aesthetic, then Adobe Creative Cloud Express is just for you. It is a system that helps integrate various design templates for your graphics, video assets, logos, infographics, and PDF guides. With Adobe Spark Post, you can make attractive graphics and make your web/social media page look eye-grabbing. 

Adobe Spark Video is another great tool to help take your business or social media platform a step ahead. With this, you can edit videos or create them from scratch by using several templates. It’s not free and requires an annual subscription. However, the benefits which you can reap from this tool are a true investment.  


Digital content creation shouldn’t be a long, tedious process. Nowadays, there are apps, websites, or other tools that help everyone from beginners to professionals design and create content. 

We hope that this listicle will help you bring up your social media game. If you run a business through social media or other online platforms then these apps can help your content look creative, well-informed, and pleasing to the eye, while helping you manage or schedule your web pages.