April 7, 2023


Unsurprisingly, Facebook is the 3rd most visited website. It is only behind Google and YouTube in terms of visitors it receives daily. Facebook is considered one of the most used social media platforms, with over 2.93 billion active monthly users. These users belong to multiple demographics. Several years ago, it was seen as a platform that allowed people to interact with others in multiple ways. 

However, things have changed now. It is now a significant source of video content on the web.

Facebook is one of the largest video libraries on the web. Around 500 million worldwide users access Facebook daily to watch videos. These 500 million active users who use Facebook daily with the primary objective of watching videos posted on the platform become the reason for billions of watch hours. You can find various types of videos on Facebook. You will find everything here, from comedy skits to musical videos, educational videos to travel guides, and news clips to podcasts.

If that’s not all, Facebook allows users to air live streams through this platform. Moreover, it is also competing with TikTok by enabling users to post short videos named ‘Reels’. Users can also post videos on the platform in the form of stories, which eventually vanish from the platform after 24 hours. 

If you are an enthusiastic user of Facebook, who wants to download useful videos from the platform and save them for offline usage, then this article is for you. 

We will help you get aware of easy methods to download Facebook videos. 

Read on to learn more about these methods and download Facebook videos easily. 

Further details are given below:

  1. Video Downloading Software

It is a conventional way to download videos from the web that we have used for several decades. An Installed video-downloading software program on your PC lets you download videos from various sites, including Facebook. The main advantage of using a software program to download videos from Facebook is its ability to help you download them in multiple qualities and formats. You can download videos from Facebook in a format and quality that suits your requirements best. 

You can even download the audio file of a particular video file. However, there are some downsides to using this way to download Facebook videos. 

First, you have to purchase the software program to use it. Additionally, installing it and making it work is quite complicated. You have to install the plugin to your default browser as well. Therefore, it is impractical if you only want to download Facebook videos. Additionally, this method only applies to PCs running on a particular OS. 

  1. Online Facebook Video Downloader

This method can be highly suitable for Facebook users who want to download videos from this renowned social media platform across multiple devices. You can access the online Facebook video downloader through any device with internet connectivity and a browser. The method of using it is easier as well. You must copy the Facebook video URL and paste it into the given textbox. The online Fb video downloader will offer easy one-click video download.

There are multiple advantages of using this method to download videos from Facebook. You will get the option to download the Facebook video in your desired quality. 

Additionally, the online Facebook downloader offers a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use. You can use it for free. It is also available in multiple languages to simplify Facebook video downloading for worldwide users. The online Facebook video downloader doesn’t require installation. You can also use it as a Facebook story downloader.  

  1. Browser Plugins

Those users who generally access Facebook through PCs want to get aware of a method that allows them to download Facebook videos easily without surcharges. An effective solution for them could be using a browser plugin that will enable users to download videos from Facebook. You can get your hands on such browser extensions by searching them online. You just need to find the suitable one for your default browser.

Once you find one, install it on your default browser. Now your default browser will become capable of downloading videos from Facebook directly. After installing such a browser extension, you will see a popup asking for a video download whenever you browse through Facebook, and a video appears on your display. Some browser extensions developed for this purpose also allow users to download videos in their desired qualities. 

  1. Smartphone Apps

Most Facebook users use smartphones to access this renowned social media platform. The reason behind this phenomenon is smartphones’ ease of use and mobility. Hence, many Facebook users who access this platform through smartphone look for apps that can help them download videos from Facebook. Multiple Facebook video-downloading apps are available to address the need of such users.

Users must install the FB video download app from the official application store to avoid malware injection into their devices. Some apps require users to copy and paste the Facebook video URL for download, while others allow users to browse Facebook and download their desired videos directly. 

The problem you will face while using such apps will be the storage space they will take in your smartphone device. This situation can be challenging for users already running low on storage space.

  1. Download Videos Without Any Tool

You have seen that all the aforementioned methods require you to use a particular tool to download videos. However, a method allows you to download videos from Facebook without using any tool. This method is only applicable to PCs. 

In this method, you just have to modify the URL of the post containing the video. In place of ‘www’, you will input ‘mbasic’ and press enter to open the post. Once you do it, you will see the individual post appearing on your display.

Once you see the individual post with the video appearing on your display, right-click on the video, and you will see the option saying, “Open link in new tab”. Click on the said option to see only the video appearing on display in a separate tab. Now right-click on the video, click on the option “save video as…” and choose the folder destination where you want to save the video. The only downside of this method is compromised video quality.