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What are the Best and Safest Apps for Cryptocurrency
May 28, 2022

What are the Best and Safest Apps for Cryptocurrency

Many people are still doubtful about the prospects of cryptocurrencies. Making money in this field is not easy, but neither is it an out-of-reach goal. It might not be for everyone, but if you can endure through the rough times and high risks, then you can think about long-term investments in cryptocurrency.

To start, you might be wondering where you can buy cryptocurrency and for that there are several options available. You can start by opening an account with a best cryptocurrency exchange apps. It provides you with all the necessary tools required to buy or sell digital currencies and tokens, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

If you’re still wondering where to begin, we at Down2You have compiled a list of top crypto apps to get you started on your journey.


eToro is one of the latest and newest additions to cryptocurrency platforms in the United States. It is increasingly getting popular due to its quality features. eToro is regulated by several big names, such as FCA, ASIC, CySEC, FinCEN, and FINRA, which means you won’t worry about your funds’ security.

With eToro, you can start trading with a small deposit fund of just $10. Moreover, you won’t be charged any fee if you’re in the USA. This app has a straightforward fee structure and supports several payment methods, including debit cards, credit cards, bank wires, PayPal, and more.

One of the best features of the eToro app is its Copy Trading feature, the app charges you no additional fee for this, and you can copy up to 100 traders at the same time. You need no previous experience to use this app, as it is user-friendly. It works fully well on both Android and iOS devices.


Coinbase is famous for its user-friendly and easy trading experience, with excellent ratings on both Android and iOS markets. Despite originating from San Francisco, this crypto exchange company is now geographically decentralized, with no headquarters, and is available in more than a hundred countries. 

It supports all kinds of transactions and you can buy, sell, exchange, withdraw, receive, and send crypto with this app. Cash balances in Coinbase are FDIC insured when they are up to USD 250,000. This app comes with 130 types of cryptocurrencies for trading. 

You can start off with its Standard Coinbase platform, which is optimal for beginners, and then choose to upgrade to Coinbase Pro for advanced features and tools. Coinbase also has a vast collection of educational resources. Whether it is an introduction to crypto trading or a guide on tax implications, Coinbase has got your back. 

You should be wary of some of the cons before going for this app. It has a complex fee structure, with 0.50% per trade. 3.99% for credit card purchases. In case of a Coinbase wallet or bank account, the fee is 1.49%.

Additionally, although the pro version has a number of options, the regular version of the app has limited charting features. It also has fewer customer options than other apps such as Gemini. is one of the best options if you want to start trading using your debit or credit card. It gives you access to over 250 digital assets, and once you finish with the quick KYC process, you can easily start with any of these markets using your Visa or MasterCard, with a 2.99% fee rate. 

Besides debit and credit cards, the app also supports bank transfers. If you are using a Visa Card for trading, it allows you to convert any crypto to cash, which you can then either spend in any stores or withdraw through any ATMs available in your area.

Using, you can buy, sell, trade, or earn interest on their crypto, or you can opt to pay with crypto as well. Hence, if you’re seeking a good mobile crypto trading experience, this app is one of the best in the market, owing to its wide variety of features and services, and a large number of supported assets.


This is another popular app that is beginner-friendly with multiple buying and selling options. An additional feature of this app is that it allows users to earn interest. It supports 63 cryptocurrencies, and you can buy, sell, deposit, trade, and withdraw. 

It charges 1.49% when trading over $200. In the case of credit or debit card purchases, the fixed fee is 3.49%. It has a number of security features such as a two-step verification process, Gemini digital wallet insurance, and U2F security. 

There are some cons of Gemini that should be considered while signing up. First of all, it is only available in 61 countries. Secondly, Gemini has a higher fee when compared with other companies. And finally, it supports fewer trading pairs. 


If you are looking for a crypto app on a budget, we recommend Bitstamp. With a 0.50% fee (plus variable spread), Bistamps offers some of the most competitive rates. It gives some advanced trading options such as instant, limit, market, stop, withdraw, and many others. You can pay by debit or credit cards and even bank accounts. 

The maximum trading amount on Bitstamp varies by the payment method used by the investor. It abides by strict US security regulations 3 factor authentication (2FA) and crime insurance. It also stores 98% of assets offline, in cold storage. 

There are some cons that you must be aware of before deciding to go with this app. Firstly, it supports only 33 cryptocurrencies, which is fewer when compared with other apps. This app is also less user-friendly and does not provide complete information to beginners or novice investors. There are also a limited number of rewards and staking when compared with the competition. 


Trading is not limited to one device, you can use either mobile or desktop apps. However, it is important you look at all the factors when choosing your preferred cryptocurrency exchange, such as fees, payment methods, security, and supported assets. Whatever app you decide to use, it is always advised to research well before choosing the ultimate option.