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What Can We Do with VR Besides Video Games?
May 28, 2022

What Can We Do with VR Besides Video Games?

When it comes to consumer VR headsets, gaming is clearly on of the most common use-cases. However, there are so many other things that are compelling and fun to do in VR besides video games. In this article, we at Down2You share things you can do in VR other than gaming that I enjoy.

Although the virtual reality space has been in research and development since the 1950, the industry has come a long way since then. The first major development in the VR endeavor was initiated by Samsung: They introduced their VR gear which could pair with phones and would show an augmented reality space where people could interact with each other.

 During the same period, VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were introduced to be connected to the computers and used as peripheral devices. As of 2015, standalone VR sets with their processing units have dominated the VR market and the response from the market is very healthy. However, is gaming the only territory where VR could be useful? We try to look at this question here. 

What is Virtual Reality? 

In simple terms, virtual reality is a simulated experience that allows you to see an artificial world, with the help of VR headsets. These headsets are like advanced glasses that don’t just allow you to see it, but also experience the artificial world in 4D, with enhanced senses like touch and smell. 

It gives you a 360 degree view of the simulated reality, and with the right accessories you can feel and manipulate the world around you. VR is used nowadays in gaming, where headsets allow players to truly immerse in a simulated universe with the ability to control and manipulate their environments with touch and movements which give a sense of being manually involved in the experience.  

The Popularity of VR

Nowadays, most VR headsets come with a head unit and two controllers as a basic package. You can buy more accessories but for beginners, this package fulfills the requirement. Earlier, VR sets used to cost around $800-$1000 and some would go even higher than that. 

The most notable and prominent development in the standalone VR sets was however carried out by Meta (previously Facebook). With their Quest 2 launching at a starting price of $299 and a wide variety of interactive games which superseded anything that came before, people went crazy. 

Meta’s initiative made VR accessible to the masses who would have thought twice before purchasing one. Now the VR industry stands at an estimated $28 Billion as of 2021 and is expected to reach $250 billion by the end of 2028. 

Uses of VR

The most prominent use of VR is in video games and the most recent developments are in the gaming arena. From omnidirectional treadmills to 4D experiences, the video game market is seeing very good growth in the VR industry. The question however arises, ‘Is VR only good for video games?’. Well, it is the main use of it today but it is not the only one. Below are some of the many uses of this interactive technology.

Presentations and Meetings

COVID-19 taught us many things, some of which we have forgotten already but it has revolutionized the office space by popularizing the online meeting and presentation format. While people have adapted to the new change, there is a missing personal touch. VR overcomes that by introducing VR presentations. 

VR makes people be a part of something, a crowd. It gives them a sense of belonging to an environment that usually fades in the online work system. VR is also being used to replace computers, as programs like Microsoft Word can be used and utilized using VR.


VR is used for the training of medical and military personnel. Furthermore, the customization of scenarios makes them ready for any outcome.

A doctor can rehearse a complicated procedure in VR that will provide them with hands-on knowledge and help reduce mistakes. Paramedical staff can practice first aid and basic training too, as the customizable nature of the VR environment allows it to be very robust.

The second use of VR in education is in peacekeeping missions. A soldier can have training exercises in all types of terrains at a fraction of the actual cost. The training outcome is also enhanced as reaction pieces of training increase the response time of the soldier, making them better equipped for the real world. Using VR military personnels and medical students can have extensive training in a very short period. 


Developers are using VR to design a metaverse. It is an online immersive environment where users can interact with each other and work, get educated, and live their lives in a digital space. We have explained the metaverse in this article. [add hyperlink]

Rehabilitation and Human Well-being 

Virtual space is being used for people with medical conditions, which would make them unable to experience the real world, such as Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis. VR shows them augmented reality or virtual space that is tailored specifically to their needs. This allows them to have a better living experience.

Automotives and Aviation

VR allows you to have a design space with actual numbers put in. Due to its robust nature, some VR headsets can be connected to use a computer processing capability, allowing them to be more effective. 

Creators can design new cars and jets by using VR. They can test them to a point of accuracy in a safe environment. This interactive technology allows them to be more proactive in their approach as most designers prefer to work with their hands. 

Uses for Developers and Creators 

Video game and software developers use VR sets to design and deploy new interactive video games and programs. While this seems obvious, they represent a very healthy market for VR and they are also growing with the increasing VR trend. The programs designed are not necessarily only for VR, but some developers are developing VR-ready programs which enable their programs and video games to run both on PCs and VRs. This allows the users to try the program and video game in multidimensional arenas and make the most of their purchases.

Conclusion: A Way Forward

As we have seen in the movies, VR technology has the power to remove desktop computers and bring a new revolution in interactive technology. It is entirely possible to have different lives in the metaverse where people would do everything they can. VR changes the landscape with the options it delivers, it brings freedom while being anonymous and satisfaction of being a part of something. It seems that the ideas shown in the movies are completely possible now and it won’t be long before we could see interactive programs like the one used by tony stark in Avengers End Game.